Friday, September 4th, 2009...3:01 am

NY State gives New Square $1.6 million for poultry slaughterhouse

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“New York state has provided New Square with $1.6 million toward the construction of a massive poultry processing plant in the village, next door to New Hempstead. The state money was part of $153.6 million in “Restore New York” grants announced yesterday by Gov. David Paterson and Denis Mullen, the CEO and chairman of the state Empire State Development. While New Square officials have laid the groundwork for construction of the plant, the Rockland County Planning Board has opposed construction of the proposed 26,250-foot-square-foot facility.Neighbors outside New Square also have been vehemently opposed the plant, arguing the facility would infringe on their lives with odors and being aesthetically displeasing. ”

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